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The key role of batteries
The batteries allow you to deliver the necessary energy to start the vehicle and supply the required power for additional sources (parking cooler, comfort accessories, tailgate, …) and permanent sources of electrical energy consumption (alarm, electronic control units on board, …).
With IVECO batteries you can drive safely Heavy or light vehicles don’t need the same energy and vibration resistance. Who else than IVECO could offer the perfect batteries fitting each vehicle requirements?
    • Internal resistance adapted to the power of the starter
    • Optimized charge acceptance at any temperature
    • Robust design allowing different cranking attempts in extreme conditions
    • High vibrations resistance
    • Check first the starter and the alternator before deciding to change the battery. Your problem may not be the battery
    • Never change just one battery in the pair: the alternator will overcharge it
    • IVECO Genuine batteries are designed to go five years between maintenance operations!
The key role of body parts
Selecting an IVECO part means picking a reliable, tested, high-performance and ultimately cost-effective solution to keep your commercial vehicle on the road.
IVECO body parts help you to maintain the high performance of your vehicle
The original body parts have been specifically developed for IVECO vehicles right from the design stage. In addition, they perfectly fit with your vehicle and therefore provide an ideal assembly, simple and fast.
    • Bumpers and windscreens tested beyond the regulatory standards, offering greater quality guarantees
    • Energy efficiency with lightweight bumper and purpose-designed headlamps
    • Specific features to guarantee optimal safety, such as headlamps which are made only for your vehicle and shatterproof windscreens using interlayer technology
    • High quality raw materials and stringently-monitored manufacturing processes
    • Have any bumper cracks checked out by a specialist as soon as they appear to avoid further damage
    • Deal with windscreen chips or cracks as soon as you see them to avoid failing the vehicle safety test
    • For optimal headlamp results, keep clean with a damp cloth (a dry cloth can result in scratches)
The key role of brakes
IVECO guarantees your safety with their high-resistance and durable braking systems. To drive with peace of mind, you need to be sure of safe and reliable brakes. The high-quality manufactured IVECO discs and pads are designed specifically for endurance and high performance.
Safety and longevity are the main words to describe IVECO brakes
The ventilated T-pillar brake disc design delivers enhanced airflow, this takes away the heat from the surface of the disc. Moreover, this technology also prevents possible cracks from spreading and compromising the entire disc.
IVECO braking systems are tested and show a greater solidity and reduced wear compared with generic replacement pads.
    • Cost effective due to optimal durability
    • Less time spent in workshop for brake check-ups and replacement
    • Enhanced driving safety thanks to higher resistance and less risk of cracks forming
    • Spot when your discs need changing, using IVECO’s special easy check indicators
    • Change all the parts on the same axle at the same time for safer and balanced braking
    • Change your discs generally every two-pad replacement

The key role of clutches
As the mechanical link between the engine and the gearbox, the clutch contributes to both comfortable driving conditions and the vehicle’s overall performance. Use IVECO original replacement clutch parts for a smoother and comfortable drive.
With Genuine Clutches, enhance your driving comfort and driveline protection
First, it protects driveline components by reducing knocks and vibrations. Clutch driven disc features latest-innovation friction material brings you an optimal efficiency and less noise is generated at idle speed or when you are driving.
With IVECO clutches, increase the mechanical parts’ lifetime, maintain your driving comfort and keep your peace of mind longer.

    • Change the whole clutch kit at the same time to avoid subsequent changes and more downtime
    • Only trust IVECO Genuine clutch parts (disc, mechanism, flywheel bearing) for the best results for your vehicle
    • Ask for advice from your IVECO parts specialist at every service or when you notice clutch underperformance
The key role of fuel filter
Genuine Iveco Fuel Filters are designed to protect and enhance the performance of your injection system. Specially adapted to your Iveco engine, the filters remove the tiniest particle of 4 key types of contaminants (water, organic, soot and mineral) to ensure that your fuel keeps circulating and stays clean longer.Filtration material: a high technology element
The quality of the filter element is crucial, and IVECO worked to offer filtration reliable on three aspects:
    • Longer product lifespan: resists extreme temperatures, vibrations and pressure
    • More efficient particle retention: innovative multi-layered filtering material
    • No load leakage: adapted to fit your engine to ensure optimised fuel flow
    • For optimum performance, change your filter every 600 hours (or once a year)
    • Make significant savings by purchasing your filter as part of an Iveco maintenance kit
    • If your filter is not packaged, store upside down to protect it from dust particles
The key role of lighting
When it comes to safety on the road, the first priority is to see and to be seen. The vehicle lights are key to this. With reliable, correctly-adjusted and compliant lights, the road becomes a safer place for all and driving gets easier and less tiring. IVECO Genuine lighting parts are specially designed for IVECO models – make the right choice!Safety Starts with Lighting
Thanks to the accurate installation with fitting hooks specific to IVECO bulbs and the standard-compliant, carrying ECE E1 approval for use on goods vehicles, you can drive safely. Furthermore, the resistance uses the same voltage to power surges and to vibrations. Our products last two times longer than our competitors.KЕY BENEFITS
    • More cost-effective than standard bulbs: IVECO bulbs last twice as long
    • Precise and intense illumination of the road, enhancing safety and reducing stress
    • Less downtime due to fewer replacements
    • Replace your vehicle Genuine bulbs with exactly the same product for optimal results
    • Refer to your IVECO dealer for headlamp adjustments and fitting advice
The key role of suspension
The suspension, together with the tyres, is the crucial link between the vehicle and the road. Suspension wear often goes unnoticed, but in the long term leads to more component wear, driver fatigue and therefore loss of productivity. Choosing durable and certified air springs and shock absorbers guarantees accurate steering, a stable load and more effective braking.Drive safer with a more reliable transport
It is manufactured in partnership with the best suppliers, to the best standards and using the latest technology.
Moreover, it passes the stringent 20-bar explosion test with success. Our shock absorbers use low viscosity, anti-foam, anti-rust, anti-friction and non-regenerated oil and our Shock absorber gaskets are able to withstand a temperature range from -40 to +140°CKEY BENEFITS
    • Seamless accurate braking, delivering enhanced road handling around bends
    • Maximum stability in all conditions, including side winds
    • High traction and comfortable driving conditions
    • Reduced maintenance costs thanks to lower wear
    • Have your air springs and shock absorbers verified by IVECO every 40,000 km
    • Replacement interval: generally, every 120,000 km
    • Replace parts in pairs to prevent axle imbalance
The key role of Wiper blades
Efficient windscreen cleaning is essential to driver comfort and road safety. The mechanical properties of wiper blades must remain constant over time, withstanding extreme temperatures, the weight of snow and other organic and non-organic projections. IVECO Genuine wiper blades tick all these boxes, allowing the driver to simply concentrate on the road and do their job.A clearer view for a longer time
Our wiper blades are compliant with standard SAE JI98 and EC directive 77-649 and tested for more than 3 million cycles that means the equivalent of 2,000 hours nonstop wiping. They have a high resistance to external factors, including aerodynamics that help you to drive longer.KEY BENEFITS
    • Enhanced safety through maximum all-weather visibility
    • Cost control requiring less frequent replacement
    • Increased comfort with silent and smooth wiping
    • Check your wiper blades for wear and cracks twice a year
    • Replacement interval: generally, every year
    • Replace in pairs to avoid immobilising vehicle twice in short succession
3 signs of wiper blade wear:
    • Noise and vibration
    • Streaks and stains
    • Poor cleaning
The key role of turbocharger
Turbochargers today are essential parts of an engine to maximise power and reduce fuel consumption. Keep your productivity high and obtain numerous other benefits with advanced and resistant IVECO turbocharger technology.Power when you need it
Only IVECO Genuine turbochargers have been specifically designed, calibrated and tested according to the engine of your IVECO vehicle. Indeed, the engine ages the combination of the variable turbine (VGT technology) and the associated electronic control will change its characteristic to ensure that the original performance and emission levels are maintained over a longer period. A genuine turbocharger in good condition will enable you to save money.
    • High performance, maintaining the original power of your vehicle
    • Reduced fuel consumption due to bespoke design for your vehicle
    • Lower wheel brake wear thanks to enhanced engine braking
    • Watch out for the warning signs of lack of power, blue or black exhaust gas or oil leakage
    • Replace air filters, oil filters at intervals specified by your Maintenance plan
    • Ask your dealer about REMAN replacements, offering parts at guaranteed quality

The key role of Starters & Alternators
Genuine starters and alternators together with batteries are top quality spare parts for a sure start in every weather condition. They are manufactured with the greatest care, meeting the strictest standards and quality control demands. These units are inter-dependent and combined. They were designed to work together to guarantee top performance of your vehicle. This is the main reason why we recommend that you only use Genuine Parts.Now you are ready for action all year round!
IVECO genuine alternators
Iveco genuine New generation Alternators can supply high electrical demand and optimal charging speed at all temperatures. They have been designed and tested specifically for your vehicle design to ensure long lifespan with zero Maintenance.
They are built with SUPERIOR QUALITY solutions:

    • Reinforced bearings for a better stability of belt tension
    • High copper fill factor = Improved magnetic circuit = Improved electrical layout
    • Stable Electrical power = increase battery life
    • Resistant against high ambient temperature
    • Noise-optimized
Iveco genuine Starters

Аre designed to ensure Maximum life time thanks to high level components
    • High temperature resistant rubber
    • Weight reduced
    • Protection against dust, pasting and water ingress
    • The peace of mind of parts designed just for your vehicle
    • Perfect fit between IVECO’s parts, starters and alternators
    • Less battery wear = less replacements required
    • Deal with alternator issues as they arise – your other electrical functions may suffer
    • Ask your dealer about IVECO’s REMAN offer for lower prices at guaranteed quality
By not choosing genuine parts you take a big risk of damaging your vehicle which might cost you a lot to repair; working incorrectly these three spare parts can badly influence other components of your machine leading to their failure too.
The key role of exhaust
The exhaust system, notably including the silencer, the catalytic converter and the particle filter, not only contribute to reducing air and noise pollution but can also help achieve better fuel efficiency. Benefit from IVECO superior exhaust parts designed for quieter, cleaner operations, enhanced sealing properties and lower vibrations, leading to lower fuel consumption.Longer-lasting and higher performance
    • Robust stainless-steel components, rust- and heat-resistant
    • High precious metal content in catalytic converters, resulting in less pollution
    • Designed for vehicle homologation, exceeding roadworthiness testing standards
    • Equipped with best-in-class particulate filter
    • Better fuel performance from engine and less vibratory risk, thanks to mounting accessories fitted at the same time as new exhaust component
    • Less exhaust noise thanks to acoustics tailored to each model
    • Less clogging due to high-quality part filter, resulting in better fuel efficiency
    • Durability and cost-effectiveness
    • Have your exhaust line regularly checked by your IVECO dealer
    • Ensure your oil is regularly changed and of high quality
    • Pay attention to the particulate filter (DPF) and change when necessary (standard change available in IVECO network)

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